We are thrilled to launch our stunning Rose Crystal Eye Serum!

Why the name ‘Rose’ Crystal Eye Serum? This exquisite serum has a striking iridescence that dances between the colors of pink rosé and blush when it is exposed to light.
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Insider Tips to Optimize a Skin Care Brand’s Manufacturing Experience

Where does one even start? How do you select the best manufacturer or lab? What things need to be figured out before starting the process? How much time and money is it going to take? If my email today finds you facing a fork in the road, you will love this month’s master class.
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Papango Enzyme Mask is not your everyday mask, it’s the ‘Gold Standard’ of enzyme masks!

The Papango Enzyme Mask is made from an exquisite blend of tropical fruit extracts, such as Pineapple, Mango, and Papaya, as well as an additional active boost from Salicylic Acid which tends to be known as the ‘gold standard’ ingredient for problematic skin.
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Protect your skin with our new Safflower Oleosomes SPF 30 Lotion.

Our elegant, SPF 30/Broad Spectrum lotion (13% non-nano Zinc Oxide), balances nature with true performance, improves moisture retention and provides beneficial antioxidant properties to even the most sensitive complexions.
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Our NEW Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil is HERE!

CoValence’s Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil is formulated with a harmonious balance of sustainable squalane and vitamin C ester… which makes the Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil the most universal and powerful facial oils available.
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