Covid-19 Update


To all our valued partners,

On March, 31 2020, CoValence was considered an essential business and was declared able to operate while during the mandatory statewide shutdown. Since then, Arizona has opened back up but we are dealing with a COVID-19 spike that of course has caused concern here locally as well as nationally. If the Governor were to deem another shutdown necessary, we are confident we would be able to remain open and operate due to our essential business classification.

I want to share with you the continued efforts we are taking to do our part to protect the health and safety of our team, client/partners and facility.

We have been closely monitoring local and national reports on the evolving impact of this virus. As a company, we are following the guidance given by our national and local government health agencies. In addition, we are also taking extra precautions in way of mandatory masks throughout the entire production facility, extreme social distancing, telecommuting where applicable, strict monitoring of employee health and well-being and not allowing visitors or temporary employees on campus. Following this protocol, the CoValence leadership team is confident we are doing all that is possible to mitigate risk to our employees and our ability to produce the product our clients rely on.

As a licensed and registered FDA and ISO facility, CoValence already operates with strict personal hygiene, facility cleaning, equipment cleaning and sanitization SOP’s and protocols. We are of course abiding by mandatory cleaning and sanitization procedures at the beginning and end of each shift we run. As well as continual intermittent sanitization of all common areas throughout the work schedule.
We continue to monitor our supply chain for any interruptions in materials. Though information regarding supply is not easily obtained from some overseas partners, we did increase our purchasing quantities where applicable in an effort to quell any possible shortages we have been able to identify.

We will continue to monitor the situation and to adjust the actions taken as necessary, to do our part in helping to protect against the spread of this virus. We will be quick to communicate any information that may deter or inhibit our ability to safely provide the product and service all our clients and partners deserve. Please know the health and safety of all our employees, clients and communities are our number one priority.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,

Pete Vlcek, CEO