INDUSTRY NEWS: Contract Manufacturing Trends in Beauty & Personal Care

From Happi.com: Entrepreneurs can get the help they need from a contract manufacturing partner who can help them navigate the problems that crop up when developing a product.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Deciem Clears Up Clean Beauty: 'Everything is Chemicals'

Deciem believes that by bringing science-backed, repeatable, experimental evidence to the forefront, some of this fear is left behind. The unknown is replaced with reliable information to circumvent the use of fear as a form of marketing.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Meet Retinaldehyde: Retinol's More Potent Relative

Breaking beauty news: Not all retinoids are created equal. And while the term "retinol" is often used as an all-encompassing, blanket term, it's one very specific ingredient.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Black Light-equipped YouV SPF30 Highlights Sunscreen Application Voids

YouV SPF 30 is a broad spectrum mineral sunscreen developed to fluoresce under black light.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Aussie mums aim to spread awareness of sun protection among tweens and teens.

New Day Skin wants young people to wake up to an exciting New Day and voluntarily apply sunscreen as part of their morning routine, just like cleaning their teeth or brushing their hair.
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