INDUSTRY NEWS: Mintel expert throws light on the future of microbiome skin care.

Natasha Spencer took the opportunity to speak with David Tyrell of Mintel at the recent Cosmetics Design Summit, to find out more about the way the microbiome skin care category is shaping up.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Could Your Phone's Blue Light Be Damaging Your Skin?

Health experts have known about digital eye strain for awhile, and the potential for all that blue light from digital devices to do eye damage. But can screens damage your skin, too?
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INDUSTRY NEWS: What is the Microbiome?

Having Bacteria on Your Face Can Actually Make Your Skin Look Better. The word microbiome itself is pretty intimidating and can take you back to high school biology class, so we turned to two top dermatologists to break down exactly what it is, how it works, and how it affects skin conditions.
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INGREDIENT NEWS: Super oil from Africa poised to go mainstream in Asia

The demand for baobab oil has been rising in the Japanese market in recent years and one supplier believes it will soon spread to more parts of Asia.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Eco-friendly demand: Hotels demanding environmentally-friendly options for personal care amenities.

Those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in hotels are disappearing, replaced by bulk dispensers mounted on shower walls.
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