INDUSTRY NEWS: New Bill Introduced To Strengthen FDA's Oversight of Cosmetics

The Personal Care Products Safety Act has reached the Senate and many brands are endorsing it.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Croda on Renewable Manufacturing

Sustainability is firmly in the spotlight for the industry, and Croda’s efforts indicate it is one ingredients company taking the opportunity seriously
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CoValence Laboratories Milestone: 30 Years of Formulating and Manufacturing Professional Skincare Products

CoValence, a leading provider of custom cosmetic and OTC products and services, proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Prejuvenation: How Millennials Can Maintain Youth

Millennials are stressed, and they don’t want to look it. Here's a list of six things millennials can do to maintain their youth.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: GEN X - The generation of VHS, the Rubik’s Cube and MTV deserve the industry’s attention.

Millennials have become one of the most talked about and well-served demographics in the beauty industry. But no longer are beauty brands keeping their eyes solely on youngsters. There’s another beauty consumer pining for attention: Generation X.
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