INDUSTRY NEWS: Understanding Aging Skin and How to Treat It.

In 2020, the anti-aging market will increase to $216.52 billion. Aging is inevitable, and every single one of your clients are experiencing it. From finding preventative treatments to repairing treatments, the discussion on aging is constantly revolving the skin.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Don’t stop using sunscreen, even though chemicals ‘may seep into the bloodstream’

Experts in Australia have been urging the public to carry on using sunscreen even though a widely publicised study has shown chemicals can be absorbed from some products into the bloodstream.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Lack of ‘innovative antioxidants’ in anti-ageing cosmetics: Study

Antioxidants have long been used in anti-ageing cosmetics, but innovation in the formulations has been somewhat limited with no emerging ingredients making true market impact, say researchers.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: ‘Free from’ guidance should create level playing field in the EU

EU ‘free from’ guidance helps clarify the legal framework behind cosmetic claims and should create a fairer European beauty and personal care market, says the director-general of Cosmetics Europe.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Avoiding gender-based stereotypes.

Gender norms are morphing and masculinity ideals shifting, and beauty players must keep up and focus on confidence and holistic health – important for male consumers, says Euromonitor International.
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