Coming January 2017...our new 'Strategic Ordering Solution' Pricing Program!

We are excited to announce that we have been working on updating our Private Label product lineup with January 2017 as the scheduled launch date to introduce new Private Label products to you. R&D is continually utilizing current, new and trending ingredients in order to optimize the best collection of skincare products and concepts available…and now you will get the opportunity to see these new formulations in our Private Label lineup.

In addition to updating our Private Label Products, we are in the process of updating our Private Label Website Page. The updated website page is designed to offer the user a far more interactive, efficient, and convenient experience, which will also be revealed in January 2017.

In order to introduce new Private Label products, it is necessary for us to remove some of our current Private Label products. Rest assured, if your Private Label product is being removed from our lineup the formula will still be available indefinitely for purchase. However, the special Batched, Backbar and Retail discounted pricing will no longer be offered for the products that are being moved from our Private Label lineup.

The following is quick snapshot of the CoValence Private Label Product Update: Launch Date, January 2017: We will be offering an S.O.S. (Strategic Ordering Solution) pricing program, starting in January 2017, for the Private Label products that no longer have special discounted pricing applied. We have used the S.O.S. pricing program for a few years and it has been very successful because it offers better pricing for non-batched Private Label products. 

(1). Some Private Label products will be removed from the CoValence Private Label lineup in order to make room for new, trending, and creative Private Label formulations. Please ask your Account Executive for a list of products that have been scheduled to be removed from our Private Label lineup.

(2). The Private Label products that are removed are not being discontinued and they can be ordered indefinitely. The only change will be that any Private Label Product that is removed from our Private Label lineup will no longer be available with special Batched, Backbar, and/or Retail discounted pricing.

(3). The S.O.S. pricing program will be available to offer our clients better pricing, indefinitely, for products that do not have special Batched, Backbar, and/or Retail discounted pricing available. A separate email about the S.O.S. Pricing Program will be sent soon.

(4). A new Private Label products page will be revealed on our website.

Our goal with the Private Label Product Update is to offer our clients new, exciting, and innovative products, while also providing strategic pricing. However, we understand that this update may be difficult and unclear, therefore my hope is that you contact me as soon as you have any questions and I will be here to help you along the way.