INDUSTRY NEWS: The personalised beauty challenge? Safety assessment ‘more complex’.

The rise of personalised cosmetics and personal care products will continue to surge, and with this comes new challenges associated with safety assessment on ingredients and blends, says a consultant.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Will You Be Left Behind If You Don't Switch To Sustainable Packaging?

An increasing body of evidence is pointing to sustainable packaging as the new industry standard, with recycled materials and refillable solutions becoming more and more popular.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Gender gap? Men’s personal care lacking in health and beauty subscriptions.

Health and wellness continue to drive the men’s personal care and grooming categories, but consumers don’t feel there are enough tailored products on subscription services.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: EU "free from" cosmetics claims technical document is guidance, not regulation.

A guidance document released in July on EU cosmetic ‘free from’ claims aims to clarify what is and isn’t allowed by law on finished products, but widespread confusion remains, an expert says.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Nevada makes a bold move to ban cosmetics animal testing.

Nevada is the second state to ban animal testing for cosmetics - Illinois and Hawaii could follow.
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