INDUSTRY NEWS: Avoid These 5 Expensive Packaging Mistakes

Packaging is and always has been a key opportunity for brands to put across a strong message about their product and a chance to stand out from the competition. This fact has become even more significant with the growth of e-commerce and online shopping. Brands now have even more of a chance to reach their customers and carve out their own personality and niche.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Reinventing Surfactants For Sustainability? Croda’s New Eco Range

Croda has officially launched and certified its new ECO range of bio-based surfactants, offering ingredients designed to meet increasing market demand for sustainable, high-performance ingredient options.
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Red snow algae extract is an innovative anti-aging ingredient based on a nearly indestructible cryophilic algae species found growing on glaciers and in permafrost in Switzerland.
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Pod 3 Automation Project

One of the services that CoValence Laboratories provides to our clients is filling of the custom formulations we create into sample, retail or backbar packaging. Currently there are over 10,000 different configurations of components that we fill for our clients. From tubes, bottles, jars, airless containers, containers that require inner labeling – our filling production lines need to be flexible!
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INDUSTRY NEWS: New Bill Introduced To Strengthen FDA's Oversight of Cosmetics

The Personal Care Products Safety Act has reached the Senate and many brands are endorsing it.
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