Custom Product Development

Custom Development is the perfect option when unique brand stories, formula ownership and/or exclusivity are driving factors for a brand. Most brands will assess our private label products and take them 'as is' if the products fit within their brand story or use the private label products as inspiration for custom development.

CoValence's clients are never tied down to solely private label or custom products. We offer a wide range of formulation options in order to give our clients the best possible service and products available for their brand.

R & D Expertise

CoValence's R&D Department is a brilliant assembly of the most inventive, inspired and imaginative team of chemists in the skin care market. Our chemists are given the freedom of creativity, which brings a maverick sense of formulating that gives our clients a quantum leap ahead of their competition.

We work with a wide variety of clients that require different focus and attention from our R&D team. Our clients range from start-up companies that aren't quite sure what products they want to indie brands and well established, highly visible brands, we efficiently personalize, adapt and coordinate our efforts to fit the exact needs of our clients.

Skin Care Professionals

We are the experts at customizing professional products that are specifically designed for use in professional treatments, by physicians or licensed skin care professionals. Proof of current peel insurance must be provided by clients in order to purchase a product with a pH lower than 3.0; A peel waiver (provided by CoValence) and a peel training certificate may also be required.

We Think like a Brand Developer

Our R&D, sales and marketing teams look at all formulas with the same scrutiny as a Brand Developer. We think around all marketing and branding pathways, as well as take into account our clients' core brand story.

Your personal account executive and our development team will assist you with your product development project from product concept, key benefits and ingredients, to launch. In as little as a few short weeks (if that long), you will receive your first product samples for your review. We provide additional sample modifications to guarantee your product meets all your requirements.

Approval and Launch

Once you approve your custom formula, it will undergo a series of tests to ensure safety and stability, your account executive will walk you through the entire process in order for you to hit a successful launch. Your custom formula is ready to launch once all components are in our possession, and all testing is complete and approved.

Exclusive product lines have launched in as little as twelve weeks, but six to eight months is the average time for most launches.

2000+ Stocked Ingredients

One of the reasons why we’ve been a highly regarded leader in skin care manufacturing is because we stock thousands of ingredients that are available to be quickly utilized in our clients’ products.

Our formulations are built from scratch, a very intensive and precise process involving the careful selection and combination of an almost endless supply of ingredients. Our team of scientists and researchers focus on innovative and creative foresight, understanding and reflecting beyond ingredient trends, in order to create future-focused products that fit perfectly within our clients’ brand stories.

We have never and will never shy away from investing in ingredient technologies to help our clients succeed. All CoValence clients have first licensing rights to our patented ingredient technologies.

Seeking to Understand our Clients' Philosophy

A product’s safety, efficacy and compatibility with the skin are a direct result of how we meticulously combine ingredients to fulfill the requests of our clients. We utilize the latest in scientific, ‘green’, organic and natural ingredient technologies in order to achieve the best possible formulary combination that fits each client’s philosophy and target market. Therefore, our strategy is to respect, support and fulfill our clients' product philosophies.

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