Made in the USA...Distributed Worldwide

It has always been a priority at CoValence to market and sell products internationally as well as help our clients, located in the USA, with their international distribution strategies.

CoValence has always felt an innate responsibility to help our clients succeed in their backyards and internationally. Thanks to the internet and the speed of travel, our backyard has now extended to all corners of the earth, which makes selling in international markets highly advantageous for growth. Our development team understands that textures, smells and ingredients which may work in North America may not work in Asia. Therefore, our international development team researches what is successful in other parts of the world, in order to help eliminate extended time of grasping the desires of the specific cultures. 

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Exporting vs. Importing

We have been exporting and importing personal and skin care products for decades. Our clients' distribution bases are wide and far reaching. We have clients who export from the USA into other countries as well as we have clients in other countries that purchase products from us to import into their countries. Our international regulatory team and account executives are with our clients every step of the way to help share some of the logistical burdens that come with exporting and importing.

Regulatory Help

A country may accept an ingredient one day but decline it the next. Therefore, CoValence has created an international regulatory department specifically trained to handle all international requests and questions, as well as to help manage the constant changes of the global regulatory landscape. This specialized department, along with an account executive, will help streamline the international process.

EU and ASEAN Dossier preparations are available through our international compliance department, in addition to other country specific paperwork.

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