Our Company

CoValence is an FDA registered, cGMP compliant and ISO 22716 certified Personal and Skin Care Formulator and Contract Manufacturer offering Private Label and Custom Formulations. Since 1989, our advanced skin care concepts and formulations have been in the forefront of skin care innovations worldwide. All products are made in the USA and distributed around the world.

It is an honor and privilege to work with all brands whether the brand is a start-up, well established or falls somewhere in-between. We look forward to hearing from each one of you. Scroll down to sign-up for our e-newsletter, The SKINsider, and follow us on social media to receive new product announcements. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce the highest quality skincare products and deliver exceptional service to our customers while fostering a culture of employee ownership and mutual respect.

Specialized Services

  • Low Minimums for Private Label Products and Custom Development
  • Low R&D Fees for Custom Development
  • Celsis Rapid Detection System 
  • Proprietary and Patented Ingredients
  • All Departments On-Site to Increase Speed-to-Market
  • International Compliance Department
  • Retail Tube, Airless, Jar, Bottle and Pouch Filling, plus Shipping
  • Scale-Up Flexibility for Small-Medium Enterprises and Multinationals
  • Bulk Filling and Shipping

Our Clients

  • Physician, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon Brands
  • Network Marketing Brands
  • E-commerce
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 
  • Cosmeceutical and Dermo-Cosmetic Brands
  • Medspa and Esthetic Brands
  • Natural Brands
  • Retail and Beauty Store Brands
  • Start-Up and Indie Beauty Brands

Achieving a Higher Standard

CoValence employees are 100% owners which gives them a personal responsibility to always look to improve our company. This ‘voice’ is vital to the health of CoValence and clients’ continued success. Our clients tell us that one of our points of difference from other manufacturers is our personalized and attentive customer service. Exceptional customer service doesn't just start and stop with our Account Executives on the front lines, the on-going positive culture at CoValence involves all staff members, no matter which department they work, to effectively listen, communicate, encourage, educate and strategize with the goal of facilitating progress and success for our clients.


Linda Walker


Linda Walker started CoValence from two ideas; one, that a personal fascination with skin care products and ingredients could possibly be translated into a business, second, that while natural botanicals and biological ingredients were standard components in skin care back in the late ’80s, there was next to no data on what made some ingredients work much better than others to achieve therapeutic results.

Linda and CoValence have developed thousands of distinctive Cosmeceutical, Dermocosmetic and OTC products, many of which are distributed by some of the most prominent and trusted brands in the industry.

Pete Vlcek

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Vlcek has been placed in a number of roles at CoValence, allowing him to develop a macro-perspective that has helped him grow into his current role of Chief Executive Officer.

Since Pete has been with CoValence from the ‘early years’, he maintains valuable exposure to product development and customer service, giving him a unique, hands-on perspective which has proven to be invaluable for CoValence and CoValence clients.

John Wochner

Chief Sales Officer

John Wochner began his career at CoValence in 1996. Similar to all the other tenured employees, John has been able to gain work experience in a variety of ways with CoValence.  

In 2013, John began his current role of Chief Sales Officer which entails overseeing all client accounts, customer service, including international business and regulations. John has proven that the best experiences in life are not what you plan for, but what you work to achieve.

John Stanek

Director of Marketing and Product Development

John Stanek has successfully served many roles as a vital part of the growth of CoValence. John was promoted to the role of Director of Marketing and Product Development in 2017. 

John is responsible for managing a highly celebrated R&D team. He has an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and passion for development; He understands and covets science and formulating, in addition to having an affinity for marketing. This unparalleled combination of talents has helped to keep CoValence's standing as a maverick skin care development and manufacturing leader. 

James McCoy

Chief Financial Officer

Jim McCoy is a certified public accountant in Arizona and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Arizona. 

In 2014 Jim became the Chief Financial Officer of CoValence where he is responsible for all accounting and finance functions. Jim has dramatically improved CoValence's strategic processes and functionalities in a short time making CoValence an even stronger company.

Sina Gomez

Chief Operations Officer

Sina Gomez started with CoValence in 2001 spending her earliest years working in various departments until settling into a compliance and operational role. She is currently attending college in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Operational Management. 

Sina was promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2019 which allows her to focus largely on operations. Sina’s primary focus is to monitor, identify and correct gaps in performance and improve efficiencies while ensuring compliance with GMP and industry regulations.

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