Raw Beauty has a Formula

At CoValence Laboratories, we bring a proven formula to every skincare and pharmaceutical product we manufacture: A mix of quality ingredients, industry experience, and in-house capabilities. You’ll benefit from our advanced 90,000 square foot facility and 35 years of development know-how when you partner with us. We have thousands of products under our belt sold by trusted brands worldwide. We bring custom product development, private label products, and raw materials to help take your business to the next level.

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You have Our Commitment to quality.

As a 100% employee-owned company we are bonded by a drive to produce the high quality, innovative skincare products using the latest technology, and delivering exceptional service you expect.

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Private Label

We develop products consumers can’t wait to get their hands on. We’re not just a team of intelligent chemists formulating with the most novel ingredients. We’re also R&D and branding mavericks with a complete understanding of the products from formulation to market. Clients can use our private label products as-is or as an inspirational starting point.

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Custom Development

New skincare and pharmaceutical products have to exceed the quality you’ve already had on the shelves. Whether you need new products or improvements made on existing ones, small batches, or large batches, our team will efficiently meet your exact needs with our custom product development methodology.

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Move Over, retinol.

We patented a superior form of vitamin A, it has been stabilized and ready for cosmetic use! Add IconicA® with retinaldehyde to almost any cream or lotion for the industry’s most sought-after anti-aging solution.

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