Custom Product Development

Developing new pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations can be a complicated undertaking. At CoValence, we take a holistic approach to product development because we understand the value in studying the totality of your project needs, not just a sum of its parts.

Taking advantage of our full-service contract development and manufacturing capabilities allows you to begin with just a concept. Our team of experts provide guidance all the way from concept through pre-formulation, formulation development, and commercial production. With every partnership, we dedicate our expertise, as well as our facilities and equipment to expedite the process of bringing your idea to market.

Let’s Get Started

Seeking to Understand Your Philosophy

When it comes to choosing a partner, we understand that the first thing to look for is if your manufacturer owns the technical acumen to achieve your desired goal. However, we believe that every successful partnership also requires a fundamental understanding of the mission and vision of the brands we are afforded the opportunity to bond with. We pride ourselves in an unwavering commitment to study and listen to your needs, so you can focus on the specific challenges of the day.

R&D Expertise

At CoValence, we continually invest in talented researchers, chemists, and development professionals to afford the insight, oversight, and innovation required to make your brand successful. As a result, our R&D Department is a brilliant assembly of the most inventive, inspired, and committed team of formulators in the skin care market. When it comes to complexity of product development, you can rest easy and rely on our team of professionals to see your project through to market.

Skin Care Professionals

We are experts in the design of formulations administered by professionally trained technicians, physicians, or licensed skin care professionals. Our cGMP facility is perfectly outfitted with the controls, environment, and procedures required to ensure delivery of high-performance professional formulations. Proof of current peel insurance must be provided by clients to purchase a product with a pH lower than 3.0; A peel waiver (provided by CoValence) and a peel training certificate may also be required.

2000+ Stocked Ingredients

We are acutely aware of how fierce the competition is in today’s marketplace. Our expansive inventory of novel raw materials affords your design team with near-limitless access to modern cosmetic active ingredients, exciting botanicals, and proven functional materials. Furthermore, working with CoValence grants access to patented technologies designed in-house by our dedicated team of scientists.