Come sail the seven seas with our marine products.

Well, it may be a stretch calling our Seven Seas Marine Gel a ‘supernatural phenomena’, but we have seen it produce some supernatural results on the skin. Some of the best results came from when a few testers applied Seven Seas prior to going to bed and they woke up (in their words) with “transformed skin”.

Part of the visible transformation is thanks to, Phycocyanin — a blue-green algae with superb antioxidant properties. Phycocyanin gives Seven Seas a rich Mediterranean, blue color that will conjure up images of calm, clear ocean waters. Caviar, besides being a wonderful indulgence, effectively nourishes the skin while promoting skin rejuvenation. A unique combination of cell turnover, antioxidant and nourishing properties makes Seven Seas Marine Gel a phenomenon for everyone to experience!

Also try our other marine infused products:

MARvelous Oceanic Gel Mask (VLT0.4507) Elegant, blue hydrating mask, formulated with a combination of algae actives that help to tighten, strengthen, firm, and improve skin tone while providing potent antioxidant benefits to aid with fortifying normal, problematic, and stressed skin.

Ocean’s 11 Algae-Active Serum (VLT0.4017) A unique anti-age, algae focused serum, that combines 11 marine actives to help soothe skin, combat fine lines, and brighten complexions.