Our Manufacturing, R&D and QC Departments utilize state-of-the-art equipment in order to ensure the highest product quality and greatest product stability for our clients.

We, as well as our equipment capacities, have grown congruent with our clients' growth and in turn we have become proficient and efficient at quickly ramping up mixing and filling capabilities. Even though we offer MOQs as low as 4 kilos, we have fulfilled mass market orders as high as six figures, per piece quantity. We have mass market brands come to us and ask if we can handle their large orders. Our answer has always been and will always be, 'Yes.'

Mixing Equipment

We have found it takes an arsenal of equipment to create the most exquisite and stable products for our clients, which is why our standard equipment is far more extensive than other manufacturing labs. We utilize standard and customized Groen mixing vessels, with high shear mixing capabilities. In addition, we utilize Microfludics Homogenizers and Emulsifiers, a Versator and Nitrogen Blanketing.

Filling Equipment

If you ask our filling manager, you will quickly find out that in order to customize the filling requests for our diverse clients we have collected an almost endless supply of pucks and tamper seals. But, it is this dedication to satisfy our clients' requests (even if a client offers 20 different types of packaging) that has catapulted us as a leader in manufacturing. Our filling department is exceptionally equipped to fill tubes, standard and airless packaging, with REB and Norden filling machines. Our Kalix carton machine assembles retail boxes and case packs for finished goods. Tamper sealing, batch stamping and Blister-Pak filling capacities round out our filling capacities.

Microbial Screening Result with Celsis

It is our responsibility to utilize equipment that successfully ramps up speed-to-market timelines for our clients. Therefore, we utilize our in-house Celsis Rapid Product Release screening test which can give us definitive microbial screening results in less than 24 hours, compared to 7 days with other labs (CoValence and Celsis received a 2013 Supply Chain Award). In addition, we have the opportunity to submit R&D samples through our LUMiFuge in order to quickly test the long-term stability of a product, prior to starting the standard 12-week stability study.

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