CoValence utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in order to ensure the highest product quality and greatest product stability for our clients.

We, as well as our equipment capacities, have grown congruent with our clients' growth and in turn we have become proficient and efficient at quickly ramping up mixing and filling capabilities. Even though we offer MOQs as low as 4 kilos, we have fulfilled mass market orders as high as six figures, per piece quantity.

In recent years, CoValence has invested considerably in upgrades to help serve our clients better and more efficiently. From new manufacturing and filling equipment, to expanding capacity to over 90,000 square feet, we are dedicated to growing with our clients' and supporting them wholly in today’s rapidly evolving markets. 

Manufacturing Equipment

We have found it takes an arsenal of specialized equipment to create the most innovative and effective products for our clients. From high-performance professional treatments to innovative retail products designed to disrupt the marketplace, we have the expertise and skillset necessary to bring your product to light.

With capabilities ranging from 4 kg – 100 kg+, our professional and specialty small-batch products are made-to-order and compounded in tanks specific to the needs of the product to ensure maximum potency and performance. Whereas, commercial compounding activities utilize top-of-the-line Groen mixing vessels to produce batches ranging from 140 kg – 2,400 kg. In-line specialty processors and stand-alone finishing equipment are available for use with both batch-types. Regardless of batch-type, cGMP conditions and ISO certified compounding zones ensure product quality is best-in-class.

Our specialty processors include:

Admix Rotostat
Admix Dynashear In-line homogenizer
Ribbon Blender
Versator de-aerator
Microfluidics fluidizer
IKA Homogenizer

Filling Equipment

Our focus is always the success of your brand and recognize that high-quality filling of finished goods is one of the most critical components of a successful product. Let our experienced team take care of all your small-to-large scale filling needs.

We welcome fill requests that may not meet the minimum requirement of other CMOs and specialize in automated and semi-automated fill batches ranging from 300 units to 30,000+ units. Our filling department is exceptionally equipped to fill standard pumps, bottles, jars, tubes, bottles, and airless packaging.

Ketan Labelers
REB High-speed bottle filling
Norden High-speed tube filling
Groninger F-Lite Fill
Heat induction sealing
Fill ranging from 0.25oz to gallons and bulk drums
New high-throughput finishing zones

Microbial Screening Result with Celsis

It is our responsibility to utilize equipment that successfully ramps up speed-to-market timelines for our clients. Therefore, we utilize our in-house Celsis Rapid Product Release screening test which can give us definitive microbial screening results in less than 24 hours, compared to 7 days with other labs (CoValence and Celsis received a 2013 Supply Chain Award). In addition, we can submit R&D samples through our LUMiFuge in order to quickly test the long-term stability of a product, prior to starting the standard 12-week stability study.

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