February, the month of ‘love’, is the perfect time to ‘fall in love’ with our new Clay, Oil, and Probiotic Cleansers!

In true CoValence style, we have come up with a unique fusion of ingredients in order to enhance three trendsetting cleansers. Our Product Testers have fallen in love with these new cleansers and we are certain that there is at least one cleanser, if not all three, that will fit perfectly within your branding philosophy and clients’ wishes.

(*) Samples and detailed marketing are available upon request.

Clarifying Clay Cleanser (VLT0.1026): 

A unique blend of clay and natural actives that help to clarify, prevent congested pores, absorb sebum, brighten, and remove impurities while aiding in the defense against environmental pollution and debris.

  • Uniquely formulated clay cleanser with gentle foaming action
  • Clay helps to absorb sebum while managing the improvement of congested pores
  • Helps to purify complexions by addressing defense actions against pollution
  • Natural oils possess beneficial astringent and clarification qualities
  • Formulated with a natural source of Vitamin C which helps to brighten complexions 

Mangosteen Probiotic Gel Cleanser (VLT0.1025): 

Addresses the promotion of natural exfoliation and pollution purification with a beneficial blend of an AHA, BHAs, botanicals, and probiotics, which helps to support a more balanced, hydrated and vibrant complexion.

  • The team effort of an AHA and natural BHAs helps to promote gentle, natural exfoliation
  • Helps to defend against antagonists that may promote redness and/or irritation concerns
  • Addresses benefits that help calm and soothe complexions
  • Probiotics focus on improving healthy microbiome which in turn helps to promote healthy complexions
  • Natural foaming action helps to cleanse and purify complexions from pollution and environmental debris 

Oil Cleanser (VLT1.1028): 

A gentle cleansing oil that defies other cleansing oils by offering clarifying properties plus hydration and purification benefits.

  • Gentle cleansing oil works to improve complexions that struggle with both oil and/or dryness concerns
  • Unique, suspended trio of clays help to manage pore congestion as well as provide sebum absorption qualities
  • Helps to promote defensive properties against environmental antagonists and debris
  • Natural astringent properties help to clarify which supports a more flawless complexion
  • Natural Vitamin C benefits help to brighten an uneven, dull complexion

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