Genesys Lotion: Priming Skin for a Healthy Stratum Corneum.

A healthy stratum corneum is a delicate composition of water, ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. If balanced levels of these components are not present, therapeutic ingredients, such as those used for anti-aging purposes, are far less likely to achieve optimal results. Wouldn’t it be interesting, not to mention more beneficial, to have an anti-age product that helps to prime, feed, shield, and assist in natural restoration of skin? Well, this ultimate corneotherapy primer, Genesys Lotion, now exists thanks to the out-of-the-box vision of our Founder, Linda, and inventive R&D Team.

Genesys is a new silky, light lotion that was formulated with essential, balanced components to help replenish the stratum corneum, as well as provide bonus anti-redness and microbiome properties. Genesys is soft and slips on skin, then quickly disappears. It can be worn alone, as well as layered with serums, creams, or other therapeutic products. Due to the gentle, nurturing framework of the ingredients, Genesys can be worn once or twice daily, and best of all, it doesn’t obsolete other products. In fact, Genesys is designed to improve the performance of other ingredients and skin care products.

Genesys is great for all skin types — males included. Besides the fresh, innovative corneotherapy composition of Genesys, it is also uniquely formulated with alternative emulsifiers. Traditional emulsifiers are excellent for encouraging the peak performance of ingredients on skin, and are ideal for most skin types; however, sensitive skins can sometimes be aggravated by the excelled performance of ingredients via traditional emulsifiers. Therefore, to help improve all skin types, including sensitive skin, the ingredients in Genesys do not require traditional emulsifiers to perform, because the ingredients were strategically selected to have a natural affinity to the stratum corneum.

Genesys functions perfectly as is, but can also be customized to fit within anyone’s wish list. Some custom options for Genesys include the addition of scent, natural color and other actives.

Genesys is the missing product that you didn’t realize you needed – It fits seamlessly within all product lines and protocols, giving brands a comprehensive skin care option for anyone who wants healthier, more vibrant skin.

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