Getting rid of dreaded turkey neck!

Since there are fewer oil glands in the neck than the face, the thin skin gets dry and wrinkles easily. Giving this area just as much love and attention as your face is the most basic way of keeping aging at bay. Any number of our face and body products can be used on the neck so don’t be shy and show your neck the same love you do your face and body.

One of our best-selling products specifically for the neck and chest (as well as the derriere) is our DDN Sculpt:

  • Active ingredient in DDN Sculpt promotes preferred body volume by cosmetic, topical lipo-filling application
  • Active ingredient in DDN Sculpt addresses adipocyte volume in fatty tissue which helps to plump and smooth thin skin
  • Active ingredient in DDN Sculpt lifts and smooths ‘tech-neck’ sag and creases
  • Designed to promote PGC-1α expression which helps to enhance the adipogenesis (adipose production)

CoValence has several products for the face that also keep your neck looking youthful:

IconicA® Retinaldehyde Serum: The first stable and patent protected Private Label Retinal (Retinaldehyde) anti-age serum in the industry, offering the highest and most effective Retinoid bio-activity value without a prescription, irritation nor down-time.

Peptide-99™ Anti-Age Hero Serum: A dynamic blend of eight (8) performance peptides totaling 99% of the entire formula, which will help brighten and guard skin from exhaustive environmental antagonists, while hydrating and addressing skin’s natural collagen properties.

Body Sculpt Oil: Uniquely blended and formulated with new generation Squalane and Squalene oils which help to address the deficits of fatty acid and ceramide values that skin loses over time, while promoting skin to a more soft, hydrated, and healthy state.

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