#multimasking 101 and the Skin Care Brand.

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What is #multimasking?

Multimasking is a trend that started gaining popularity on Social Media around 2015. But, unlike other trends that tend to fizzle out in about a year, this one continues to move ahead at full speed without any signs of slowing down. Multimasking is an extremely efficient way for someone to personalize their mask applications in order to help promote the most vibrant and healthy complexions per their unique skin care concerns.

How does #multimasking work?

The application of Multimasking is where the fun begins… an individual will pick and choose a mask that directly helps a specific area of concern on their face, neck, and/or décolleté. For example… they may use a clay mask for their T-zone (clarify and remove congestion), a moisturizing mask for their cheeks (plump and hydrate dry areas), and a peel-mask for their forehead (soften fine lines).

The combinations of masks are endless…which makes Multimasking an even more important strategy for brands to pursue.

#multimasking for the Skin Care Brand:

What does Multimasking mean for a Skin Care Brand? Well, it’s a pretty simple strategy… in order for Skin Care Brands to keep their clients engaged with their brand they need to offer enough unique masks in order for their clients to fully personalize their skin care regimen. Need some unique masks? Continue reading…

#multimasking with CoValence’s Private Label

The following CoValence Private Label Masks and Peels are ready to be fully utilized per the Multitasking strategy. These products are perfect ‘as is’ or ready to be customized to fulfill your branding philosophy.

Cranberry Clarifying Clay Mask (VLT0.4503): An inventive clay mask, formulated with pore management ingredients, helps to clarify and purify pores while working to detoxify and absorb excess oil and impurities, which in turn helps to promote a more flawless complexion. Note: T-Zone worthy…clearing the way for more flawless complexions.

It’s Zyme to Peel Cream (Mask) (VLT0.3011): An ideal exfoliating cream-mask for all skin types, including sensitive skin, packed full of six (6) natural, potent Enzymes to help wake up dull, tired skin which helps to leave a far more radiant complexion. Note: Helps to make the dullest complexions more vibrant and refreshed.

Papango Enzyme Gel Mask (VLT0.3002): Soft gold exfoliating beads, Salicylic Acid, plus the gold standard of Enzymes, assists in the natural exfoliation process, which in turn works to promote a more radiant, and healthy complexion while helping to soften the appearance of fine lines. Note: Works a double shift as a physical exfoliant (Step 1) and a chemical exfoliant mask (Step 2) for amazing, radiant results.

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