Our NEW Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil is HERE!

CoValence’s Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil is formulated with a harmonious balance of sustainable squalane and vitamin C ester… which makes the Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil the most universal and powerful facial oils available.

The wholly sustainable Squalane found in Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil, is derived from botanical sugars. Squalane has been used in premium and professional products for many years, but initially it was derived from shark liver, which of course, became unacceptable some time ago. Squalane from olives became the next source, and while good, has undependable sourcing and price issues. In present day, Squalane from botanical sugars has resolved the above issues and brings new perfection to Squalane.

SQUALANE is a special lipid that occurs naturally in the lipid layers of the skin to prevent moisture loss. This makes it the perfect oil to help protect and balance the lipid skin barrier for moist, supple skin.

VITAMIN C ester is known to support healthy collagen, provide antioxidant protection, and aids in the promotion of overall brightening and radiance.

SKIN BENEFITS: Neo-Squalane + C Facial Oil is a luxuriously silky, yet non-greasy, facial oil. This multi-complexion capability is not typical with most facial oils. Problematic and Oily, along with Dry and Sensitive complexions, can benefit from this simple, highly effective product to promote skin wellness and a healthier appearance.

  • 100% High purity, plant-derived squalane
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • ECOCERT-approved
  • USDA Certified Bio-Based Product
  • GMO-Free


  • Health and wellness minded – from Millennials to Mature
  • Ingredient purists looking for sustainable, natural and eco-conscious ingredient listings
  • Those who want all the above, but their first priority is a high-performance, professional therapy product


  • Luxurious and silky, future-forward technology ideal for all skin types
  • Promotes a healthy lipid barrier for a more vibrant complexion
  • Collagen improvement, with antioxidant and brightening benefits
  • A dynamic pairing of Squalane and Vitamin C (lipid form) addresses skin aging prevention properties
  • Sustainable Squalane helps to promote a healthy earth and a healthy complexion

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