CoValence Launches a Purifying Scrub for the Ages…from the Prehistoric Age

Originally, the Charcoal Volcanic Scrub was created for acneic, oily and problematic skin, however product testers, who do not have problematic skin, soon came back with amazing testimonies of a far more radiant skin compared to when they did not use Charcoal Volcanic Scrub. The reason for the cross generational and skin-type success of the Charcoal Volcanic Scrub is because we all, no matter our age and skin-type, have environmental impurities on our skin which need to be removed. Plus, the fossil and volcanic physical exfoliants will help accelerate the natural exfoliation process, showcasing younger looking skin and a healthier complexion.

Here are some interesting facts about the three actives that highlight the Charcoal Volcanic Scrub:

Charcoal Powder

Purified charcoal powders were first used by ancient cultures, like the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. They valued this magical dark powder as a medicinal cure-all for a number of ailments. Today’s activated charcoal is similar to common charcoal, but is manufactured and purified for medicinal use. Topically applied activated charcoal can be used to detoxify skin and aid in improving skin clarity by drawing dirt from the skin and out of pores.

Fossil Peeling Powder

A natural, physical exfoliant that is formed with protective shells of diatoms that have created a sediment on the sea floor millions (yes, millions) of years ago. This prehistoric exfoliant effectively removes impurities from the skin and ensures noticeably smoother skin after use.

Volcanic Sand

A natural, physical exfoliant that is formed by a specific black lava flow in a North-West pass in Iceland. This lava flow occurred during an eruption of basalt coming from Hengillin volcanic mountains. The power and strength that symbolizes volcanoes also symbolizes the power and strength of this exquisite, concentrated black powder.

The following statement sums up the Charcoal Volcanic Scrub:

The ingredients are captivating…The experience is exhilarating…The results are stunning!


  • Charcoal Powder attracts excess oil and environmental impurities from skin
  • Fossil Peeling Powder, a unique prehistoric exfoliant, effectively removes impurities from the skin
  • Volcanic Sand, a stunning black lava powder is a high performing physical exfoliant
  • Power of three (3): Charcoal snatches up impurities and the Fossil and Volcanic Powders removes them
  • Naturally and uniquely helps to clear and refine skin, revealing a healthier complexion

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