CoValence’s “Nature-Based Body Sculpting” series introduces a new era of adipose management with DDN Sculpt.

The power of five…Since most of us have taken care of our faces from the time we hit puberty, what areas on our bodies have we ignored and now truly ‘age’ us? The consensus around here is our chest, neck and hand areas. (Coming soon… our exclusive Hand Sculpt!) Therefore, the five actives our chemists chose had to work together as a powerful network, giving skin the most impressive firming, plumping and sculpting results in the Décolleté and Neck areas. However, as we started researching the ingredients further, as well as what is also on ‘trend’ right now, we realized that the actives would also work great on the Derriere…another forgotten area that needs some attention.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have seen the ravages of time, and gravity, on our Derriere. Sometime during our 30s and 40s our once firm and plump Derriere decided to fall into a slumped stupor. Thanks, ‘gravity’ and ‘sedentary’ living! So, to help prevent the Derriere ‘slump’ the DDN Sculpt has been formulated with ingredients to help prolong the plumpness as well as bring back the appearance of sculpted firmness to those of us that need a little (or a lot) of help.

No more excuses…No matter your age you can help prevent, prolong and bring back the youthful, sculpted appearance of your Derriere, Decollete and Neck areas with CoValence’s exclusive DDN Sculpt.


  • Addresses desired areas for lifting and firming: Derriere, Décolleté and Neck (DDN)
  • Active ingredient promotes preferred body volume by cosmetic, topical lipo-filling application
  • Active ingredient addresses adipocyte volume in fatty tissue which helps to plump and smooth thin skin
  • Active ingredient lifts and smooths ‘tech-neck’ sag and creases
  • Designed to promote PGC-1α expression which enhances the adipogenesis (adipose production)

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