Papango Enzyme Mask is not your everyday mask, it’s the ‘Gold Standard’ of enzyme masks!

The Papango Enzyme Mask is an exquisite blend of tropical fruit extracts, such as pineapple, mango, and papaya with an additional active boost from salicylic acid; a ‘gold standard’ ingredient for problematic skin. Papango is gentle on skin, while still proving to be effective as a clarifying and purifying instrument thanks to the ‘Debris Destroyers’.

The Papango Enzyme Mask is beautiful and has a bright, vibrant scent, yet the purpose of Papango is to help to unclog congested pores, soften fine lines, and smooth complexions; therefore, the CoValence chemists created the formula with multiple exfoliants… or as marketing refers to this combination of exfoliants, the ‘Debris Destroyers’! Why the ‘Debris Destroyers’? Well, because this combination of enzymes are like intracellular Pac-Man® figures… digesting and eliminating dead protein and debris. A smooth and clear complexion is not possible with layers of environmental toxins and debris on the skin and is why you need the Pac-Man® molecules to come out and start destroying the bad guys.

The first ‘Debris Destroyer’ is bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the stem of pineapples, which hydrolyses proteins into peptides and amino acids. The second ‘Debris Destroyer’ is papain, an enzyme derived from papayas that digests keratin proteins to help accelerate exfoliation. Papain is also an antioxidant and rich in vitamin C, E and beta‐carotene. Salicylic acid is the third and fourth ‘Debris Destroyer’… salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and works to exfoliate skin, helping to prevent pore-clogging and also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Let’s not forget that UGL Complex and protease create a softer environment for complexions and is a vital part of the ‘Debris Destroyers’ collective. Last, but not least, Carica papaya fruit, is an antioxidant high in vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids, as well as a prime source of the enzyme papain, which aids in exfoliation.

Once your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated, it will be begging for some hydration…Therefore, Papango is proudly fortified with Mangifera indica seed butter, or mango seed butter, extracted from fruit kernels of the mango Tree. Its high content of fatty acids assists in ideal and lasting moisturization and hydration.

Papango is not your everyday enzyme mask… It’s the ‘Gold Standard’ of enzyme masks. It is visually stunning, smells amazing and works beautifully to promote vibrant complexions.


  • Gold Beads help to physically exfoliate and support natural renewal
  • Powerful anti-age properties to help improve skin now and into the future
  • Bromelain and Papain have shown to clarify and purify without causing irritation
  • Helps to soften dark spots and discolorations, creating the appearance of more radiance
  • Ingredients work together to prevent pore-clogging and smooths fine lines and wrinkles

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