We are thrilled to launch our stunning Rose Crystal Eye Serum!

Why the name ‘Rose’ Crystal Eye Serum? This exquisite serum has a striking iridescence that dances between the colors of pink rosé and blush when it is exposed to light.

The Liquid Crystal Story:

In 1995 CoValence® began investigating the application of chiral liquid crystals in topical products. The original ‘Opal’ Crystal Eye Serum, aka, Spin Trap Eye Serum, with its opal-iridescent effect, was spectacularly unique and a first for skin care. We could have left the Liquid Crystal alone (it’s that phenomenal!), but we amplified the anti-aging benefits by adding the novel antioxidant Spin Trap Complex (PBN)… a highly intelligent antioxidant with free-radical trapping capacity.

Cholesteric liquid crystal is an essential component of biological and cell membranes. Topically applied Liquid Crystals can help fortify, protect and condition the structure of delicate and dry skin due to its ability to supply an intense replenishment of cholesterol, thereby improving structure and function. Anti-aging laser treatments were rapidly growing in the 90’s and effective, post-treatment products were in short supply. The Opal Crystal Eye Serum’s ability to calm, moisturize and protect the periorbital region was perfectly suited for post-treatment application. Rose Crystal Eye Serum has the same great benefits of our Opal Crystal Eye Serum, as it utilizes the cholesteric liquid crystal backbone.

For the Love of Crystal Eye Serum:

Our ‘Opal’ or ‘Rose’ serums effortlessly improve the texture and appearance of the delicate eye area the same way that the combination of Liquid Crystal and Spin Trap has shown to improve complexions for 20+ years!

Over these past 20+ years, we have found that the Crystal Eye Serum combination is one of the best everyday anti-age masterpieces that can be easily worn alone around the eyes, as well as anywhere else that needs a surge of hydration and antioxidant power. Best yet, the Crystal Eye Serums are perfect for individuals who may have sensitive, fragile, dry, and/or stressed skin due to heredity, medical procedures and/or health issues.

If you have never tried our Crystal Eye Serums, now is the time! Don’t wait! The dry season is fast approaching and your skin will need an extra dose of love. We have samples of both the ‘Opal’ and ‘Rose’ Crystal Eye Serums ready for you to try.

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